The Ultimate Review of Manufacturing Month 2022

Throughout the month of October, the U.S. Commercial Service and Federal Export Promotion Associates celebrate Manufacturing Month, which honors manufacturers who export products while encouraging startups.

Manufacturing Month celebrations are marked by Manufacturing Day (MFG Day), often held on the first Friday of October. During this time, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) invites small, medium-sized, and large manufacturers to share export-related insights. Monti Inc. was proud to honor and celebrate the diverse and innovative manufacturers that continue to build the future of America. So what does Manufacturing Month include? Read our complete overview below to find out!

What is Manufacturing Day?

National Manufacturing Day,  this year held on Friday, October 7, is a special day that marks the starting point for a chain of events held in October to honor America’s manufacturing sector. These events come in different forms, from conferences to seminars and webinars, walkthroughs, symposiums, and lectures, all to seek to improve the knowledge of participating educators, students, and the general public.

Manufacturing Day allows manufacturers to showcase their advanced manufacturing technologies and celebrate the importance of America’s manufacturing innovation. In addition, it addresses common misconceptions about the manufacturing sector by allowing manufacturers to demonstrate the reality of modern manufacturing.

Manufacturers come together to address the growing skills shortage they face, influence the public image of manufacturing, connect with future generations, strengthen the sector’s talent pipeline, and ensure the progressive prosperity of the industry.

The Purpose of Manufacturing Day

The main purpose of Manufacturing Day is to demonstrate the state of modern manufacturing careers by inspiring small and large companies and educational centers around the country to open doors for education leaders, students, parents, and community leaders. This day also aims to educate the general public on the vital role manufacturing plays in our daily lives and inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

The mission of this day is to change the perception of manufacturing careers to reflect their actual status as the most advanced in the industry. Manufacturing Day also aims to re-establish the United States as the leading hub for manufacturing education. It advocates for education, advanced practices, and job training policies that stabilize the U.S. manufacturing workforce.

The goal of Manufacturing Day is to encourage better manufacturing practices and promote modern approaches to improving the manufacturing talent pool. Through joint efforts, the manufacturing sector can develop a steady pipeline of talented, diversified, and qualified workforce to help build local economies for the future.

Manufacturing is an essential component and the backbone of the U.S. economy. It is the lifeblood of our local and global economies. Without it, there would be no goods in local stores and direct-to-consumer companies. Almost all innovations in products and technologies take place in the factory arena. Without manufacturing, creativity slows down.

Manufacturers do the gritty work to get the local, regional, and global economies running. Therefore, looking into the human capital and costs required to produce goods and get them to the required destination is crucial. Once a year, there is a special day dedicated to honoring and supporting the brains behind manufacturing, which gives life to our retail ecosystem.

Monti Celebrates Manufacturing Day

All across the country, manufacturing companies were celebrating Manufacturing Day in their own unique way.

At Monti Inc. Cincinnati, we opened Manufacturing Day with an in-person presentation from Monti employees, including welders, engineers, quality controllers, and machinists. Each would explore and give important insights into their journey in manufacturing.

Later, we took a plant tour to see our advanced manufacturing facility in operation before regrouping as a team for lunch. We concluded the day with a Q&A session exploring some common manufacturing misconceptions and benefits to working at Monti and in the manufacturing industry.

Monti Empowers The Next Generations’ Manufacturers:

Manufacturing Month is not just for today’s manufacturers, but also tomorrow’s. Monti is proud to do our part in empowering the next generation of manufacturers through hosting, visiting, and educating students from local schools. 

Monti celebrated manufacturing with special guest visits from Reading Community Schools 8th graders, the Purcell Marian High School’s 3E Program, and students from Piedmont Technical College. Additionally, we presented to students at the Lakelands Career Showcase, who were able to try out our welding simulator. Finally, we capped off the festivities by signing 2022 graduates from Harrison, Butler Tech & Colrain High schools.

One question we discussed with the students was, “What should I do to prepare for a job in manufacturing?”. Our VP of Operations, Chris Narburgh‘s answer is clear, “Pay attention in math class!”

Monti Hosts Additional Special Guests:

Later in the month of October, Secretary of State Frank LaRose met with Monti’s COO Jay Binder, VP of Sales Gordon Narburgh, and VP of Human Resources Molly Fender. The Monti team shared great conversations ranging from military stories from Mr. LaRose’s service as a US Special Forces Green Beret to election safety. The team commiserated about the lack of skilled workers within the manufacturing and election industries. 

Manufacturing Month celebration is essential, especially for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the manufacturing industry looking to improve their operations, attract a new pool of talent, and improve their workforce development. Although Manufacturing Month is essential for current OEMs, it is just as crucial for inspiring and empowering the next generation to start a career in manufacturing. 

Want to learn more about manufacturing? Monti celebrates manufacturing 365 days a year. We excitedly welcome anyone interested in learning more about manufacturing all year round to connect with us!

The Ultimate Review of Manufacturing Month 2022

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