CNC Waterjet Cutting

There is no machine more versatile for short-run production, just-in-time manufacturing, prototyping and production runs than a Waterjet machining center. Monti features both single and dual head CNC waterjet cutting machines with cutting tables of 5’ x 10’. Waterjets are an important technology because they bridge the gap between machining and lasers. Unlike machining a water jet has no work holding requirement, no cutting tool requirement and no chip load to worry about. Unlike laser cutting, a waterjet will cut almost any material up to 6” thick. If the part is made from copper, brass, aluminum or insulation, just program the part’s shape and open the nozzle, it’s that easy.

Waterjet Cutting Capabilities

  • Cut copper, brass, aluminum and insulation materials
  • Cut parts as thin as .030″ and as thick as 6″
  • Cut parts as big as 5′ x 10′
  • Import part files and automatically nest parts
  • Almost no set up required

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CNC Waterjet Cutting

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