Copper Machining & Fabrication

Monti produces a wide range of copper components for the electrical industry. We stock copper in sheet, coil, bar, rod, extruded shapes as well as common bus bar sizes both plated and bare. Buying from sources around the world ensure a broad inventory with excellent pricing. Utilizing extensive CNC fabricating and machining equipment we are able to offer our customers low volume proto typing and repair parts all the way to high volume production. These parts can be simple bus bars to complex machined assemblies utilizing different materials, joining techniques, coatings and finishes.

Typical Copper Products Produced:

  • Contacts, stabs, bus bar, grounding kits, clamps, lugs, connectors to name a few.

Copper Machining & Fabrication Capabilities Include:

  • 10 CNC Turret Punch Presses:
    Punch up to .5″ thick
  • 13 CNC Press Brakes:
    Up to 250 Ton w/ 12′ bed
  • 13 Stamping Presses:
    Low and high volume
  • Welding & Brazing:
    Mig, Tig, and Robotic
  • 30 CNC Mills:
    3, 4 & 5 Axis high speed milling
  • Epoxy & Plastisol Coating:
  • 8 CNC Turning:
    2, 3, 5, & 7 Axis Turning w/ live tooling
  • 2 Water Jet Cutting Machines:
    Cut almost any material
    Bus Bar Punching & Bending Cell
  • 3 Wire EDM:
    High precision metal cutting
  • 4 Cold Saws:
    Ferrous and non-ferrous metals