Assembly and Kitting

Monti Inc. offers our customers the value added services of assembly and kitting. Utilizing our unique ability to fabricate and machine parts from many different materials we are able to rivet, glue, swage, bolt etc. these parts together per our customer requirements. This ability to manufacture the components in-house and then join them into an assembly saves our customers both time and money. We specialize in the assembly of stamped steel and composites such as Arc Chutes, stamped steel and copper such as Finger Clusters, machined steel and GPO3 such as Insulated Link Arms.

What are the benefits of kitting?

Kitting is useful when a customer requires a certain grouping of parts during their assembly operations. Kitting helps purchasing by supplying multiple parts under one part number, it helps stock rooms easily manage multiple items and it helps manufacturing by ensuring that all items are available as needed during assembly.