Green Energy

As an innovative metal fabricator, we at Monti Inc strive to offer best-in-class manufacturing and assembly capabilities for the renewable energy industry through our:

  • Design-for-manufacture optimization
  • Collaborative design assistance
  • High-velocity manufacturing processes
  • Planning and rapid production control
  • Global supply chain management

Our featured services don’t just make the metal fabrication process run smoothly, we save our customers time and money by providing efficient and top-quality products. Monti Inc is an alternative energy components fabricator that actively develops and supplies precision metal products, weldments, and stamped components to multiple electric power management industries, including:

  • Solar PV renewable energy
  • Wind renewable energy
  • Green power technologies
  • Electricity storage, battery
  • Electricity production, Fuel Cell

Examples of renewable energy industry enclosures manufactured at Dalsin in electric power distribution, transmission, and storage markets, include:

  • Large rack weldments
  • Solar PV Racking
  • Power inverter cabinets and structures
  • Power converter components
  • Switchgear control components
  • Transformer metal products
  • Metering and monitoring device metal hard goods
  • Copper Bus Bar: Silver Plated, Tin Plated and or Epoxy Dipped

Green Energy

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