Serving the Material Handling Industry Through Efficient, High-Quality Fabrication

What is Material Handling?

Material handling is the backbone of modern industry. When done well, its main functions include:

  1. Damage Reduction: Ensuring products are safely transported throughout a facility
  2. Efficiency Increase:Facilitating streamlined work and organized space
  3. Accident Prevention: 

Proactively mitigating accidents in areas that require transporting heavy loads

It is difficult to move products quickly and intelligently from one location to the next while maintaining quality, efficiency, and safety without a well-planned material handling system.

Material Handling System Challenges

The material handling industry suffers from a few inherent challenges. These come from simple tasks and end up requiring specific solutions. Communication is an easy example of a material handling challenge and can seem deceptively simple.

Effective communication at the most basic level requires coordination on the shop floor, proper categorization of products in the warehouse, and coordinating movements so that collisions, gridlock, and other accidents do not occur. Communication then scales until companies require unique practices to work with each other; products can be coded differently, each company can have different sales communication strategies, and the list goes on.

Other challenges occur at different stages of the material handling process, each requiring its own extensive set of solutions. These solutions often save hundreds of hours of backlogged inventory and manpower, therefore saving money. 

For instance, the application of automated guided vehicles has revolutionized the way that warehouse managers can coordinate inventory. Utilizing proper material handling practices can decrease overall operational costs, increase company profitability, and more.

Material Handling System Solutions

Monti has manufactured parts to help solve material movement challenges for over 50 years. Our manufacturing process for fabricating plastic and metal parts has been refined over that time—creating a high-quality, efficient solution to producing material handling equipment parts that stand up against tight lead times, limited floor space, and the most stringent quality control standards.  

Tight Lead Times

Material handling systems require parts quickly in order to reduce the downtime of their production lines. 

At Monti, we are proud of our 3-4 week lead time while still maintaining the highest quality standards. All of this is made possible by our turnkey shop floor that includes:

  • Over 300,000 Sq. Ft. of collective manufacturing space
  • 3 Fiber Lasers
  • CNC Press Brakes
  • In-House Powder Coating

Our robust team of talented technicians move part production along quickly and are capable of fabricating both plastic and steel parts, while our fleet of collaborative robotics handles the automation.

When you work with Monti to fabricate parts for your material handling system, you’re connected with one of our dedicated internal sales engineers who collaborates with you for the entirety of your partnership with Monti. This partner will ensure timely responses to RFQs, purchase orders, and any other needs that may arise.

Limited Warehouse Space

With storage space being crucial, Monti ensures warehouse management is not overwhelmed and orders arrive on time.

Monti utilizes blanket orders to create efficiently timed releases. Through Monti, products can be requested months in advance with a pre-planned product reception timeline. This timed release can be scheduled through your designated Monti internal sales engineer.


Monti is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 – certified in all 5 facilities. This dedication to leadership allows Monti to have controlled document processes that include nonconforming products, corrective action, quality hold, first-piece validation, process inspection, and more. Monti is also capable of AIAG-compliant PPAP documentation to ensure product quality.

Monti is more than its procedures. Each order shipped is scrutinized and perfected so that consumers don’t have to waste time on costly returns. Here, the material handling life cycle is always top of mind – that’s why Monti has a 99.9% part acceptance rate.

In the manufacturing industry, your business partners are crucial. At Monti, we understand that you need vendors you can count on. To reduce the number of vendors you need, we have the capabilities to truly be your One Stop Shop. 

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Serving the Material Handling Industry Through Efficient, High-Quality Fabrication

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