CNC Machining Services for the Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing Industry

CNC Machining Services for the Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing Industry

Monti provides expertise & extensive capabilities with our CNC machining services

Whether you are a buyer, purchasing agent, or engineer in the repair and OEM Electrical distribution market, Monti offers tailored CNC services for your needs. With deliverability and supply chain issues rampant in today’s business climate, Monti continues to focus on deliverability and turn around times for CNC machining services to meet & exceed the needs of our customers.

When you are looking for a great CNC machining partner, look no further than Monti, Inc. We are not just a machining shop; we offer a wide range of machining capabilities which allows us to be flexible and react quickly to your needs.

Started in 1971, we have 4 state-of-the-art facilities, with locations in the Cincinnati, OH, Sumter, SC and the Greenwood, SC, area. Our wide range of capabilities can help you reduce the number of vendors you need to work with, streamlining your operations.

Skilled Team + Quick Turnaround Times

We employ hard-working & talented individuals, including our highly skilled machinists. Our customers tell us that they choose us because of our employee talent and our quick turnaround times while keeping quality top of mind.

When you have a product that you need manufactured, but you don’t have the equipment and expertise to do it yourself, you can turn to Monti. Combined, our investments in our team members and our extensive machine capabilities are a winning combination for your manufacturing and automation needs.

Investment in Robotics

The investments we’ve made in robotics within our company gives us the ability to be more efficient. We are continuing to work on reducing cycle times & reducing lead times, which ultimately lowers parts & labor costs for our customers.

The Most Productive and Up-To-Date Machinery

Monti takes machining to a new level with our (CNC) machining centers. We have many vertical and horizontal milling machines for both low volume and high volume production. Pallet Pools allow us to save the setup from run to run, which saves us time and you, the customer, money. Our extensive capabilities include:

  • 12 CNC Turning Centers available for your parts made from round stock.
  • Large, high horsepower CNC lathes to turn items such as complex copper studs.
  • A milling department which utilizes a combination of 29 Horizontal and Vertical Machining Centers available for your parts to be machined.
  • 5 axis mill/turn multitasking machines allow us to completely machine complex parts up to 20” diameter
  • 7 axis machines for highly complex, small diameter parts

For Questions and Support, Contact Us Today

At Monti, we are proud of our CNC machine capabilities. We continue to invest in equipment, machinery and our people so we can offer quality services at a competitive price. Contact us today for a fast response and answers to your questions.

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CNC Machining Services for the Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing Industry

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