5 Reasons To Choose Monti For Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

Monti is proud to be an industry leader in sheet metal fabrication

Are you looking for a sheet metal fabrication shop that you can trust to do your job right? At Monti Inc., we have over 30 plus years experience in the laser fabrication business, including 25 years of “lights out production.” We will make your metal parts to high quality standards, making sure your product meets any tight tolerance requirements. As a One Stop Shop using advanced technology and equipment, you can count on Monti to be responsive, deliver quotes in 24 hours, and meet your production deadlines.

Monti’s laser programmers, operators, and technicians have over 80 years of combined sheet metal fabrication experience. With laser operators and technicians that know the machines inside and out, we run the machines, make adjustments, and fix most mechanical issues on the spot. Monti’s deep experience has allowed us to learn several techniques that enable our lights out production to run for extended periods of time with minimal operator involvement.

Our vast inventory of different sizes and thicknesses of steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper allows us to be flexible and responsive to our customers needs. We have the scope and size to keep a large inventory in stock to make sure we can produce sheet metal parts and orders for our customers.

5 Reasons To Choose Monti

  1. We are serious about providing the very best in Sheet Metal Fabrication. We have plenty of capacity with “lights out ability” and the latest technology in equipment for high precision laser cutting work.
    • We have (3) Fiber Lasers – 4Kw, 6Kw and a new 10Kw on order, all with 60” x 120” sheet size capability for better nesting utilization and less time switching out sheets.
    • We have (2) 2500 Watt CO2 Lasers
    • We have (13) CNC Press Brakes Ranging from 72” Bed @ 60 Tons to 120” Bed @ 250 Tons
    • We have (8) Manual Weld Booths for Tig and Mig Welding W/3 Robotic Welders
  2. A great team of 200+ employees that will take on your challenges with safety, quality and a sense of urgency all at top of mind.
  3. Our team includes highly skilled sales, laser and fabrication engineers. Our metal fabrication process includes a review for all new jobs to ensure your parts are designed for manufacturing that allow for the least expensive part to be purchased.
  4. We have on-site tool and die makers that can quickly create special brake tooling for your unique requirements.
  5. We don’t have any quantity requirements. We are happy to run 1 piece for you or thousands of parts…no quantity is too small. Once your product takes off, we have the ability to build hand transfer and progressive dies to help cut your costs so you are cost-effective and competitive in the marketplace. We will then be able to stamp your parts in-house on our array of stamping presses ranging from 60 Tons to 440 Tons!

Monti Is Your One Stop Shop

In the manufacturing industry, your business partners are crucial. At Monti, we understand that you need vendors you can count on. To reduce the number of vendors you need, we have capabilities to truly be your One Stop Shop.

For example, our finishing capabilities include in-house Powder Coating and Electroplating (Clear & Yellow Zinc Chromate). That way, we control our own schedule and we don’t have to rely on outside vendors that might extend your lead time. We offer secondary processes such as PEMM nuts & stud insertion.

We also have a full in-house CNC Milling and Lathe Departments that machine all subcomponents in a timely fashion so your weldments are not delayed by an outside vendor.

With world class equipment and personnel, we invite you to contact us for your sheet metal fabrication needs.

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5 Reasons To Choose Monti For Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

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