Why is G10 Material good for electrical insulation?

G10 Material is tough as nails and will last a lot longer!

G10 is a fiberglass sheet laminate, a kind of composite material created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaked in epoxy resin, and then compressing the resulting material under heat until cured. It is made in flat sheets, channels and angles. G10 is very similar to carbon fiber and other high tech fiber epoxy laminates, because they are all resin-based laminates. G-10 is the toughest glass fiber resin laminate and therefore the most commonly used. It is sometimes known as Garolite or Glastic insulator.

G10 Material is difficult to machine or cut and requires special equipment. (GPO-3 Fiberglass Polyester Laminate shown on Muratec Motorum 2048LT: 49” x 96” Table, 22 Ton, 54 Station, CNC Turret Punch.)

G10 plastic is specified for its extremely high strength and high dimensional stability over a wide temperature and humidity conditions. It is used for electrical insulator materials, terminal boards, busebar insulation, electronic test equipment and electric motor rotor insulation. It was first used for printed circuit boards, and its designation, G10, comes from a National Electrical Manufacturers Association standard for this purpose.

G10 phenolic is difficult to machine or cut and requires special equipment. Monti has decades of experience fabricating the widest range of G10 components and assemblies. All types of G10 fabrication, machining and assembly are performed for prototypes to production quantities of custom parts or assemblies.

Monti Inc. is a custom G10 and GPO-3 electrical insulation material fabricator, and copper fabrication manufacturer that has the expertise to produce complex electrical component fabrications to the tightest tolerances and highest quality control. We’ll also help you value engineer your part to shorten lead times while increasing the value of the component.

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Why is G10 Material good for electrical insulation?

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