How does Monti Inc. form and fabricate copper?

Here are seven ways to make copper busbars and copper fabrications.

  1. Copper fabrication using forming and or bending is performed after the part has been cut to length, punched or milled. Copper forming and bending requires special forming tools and fixtures.
  2. Copper stamping, coil processing and die cutting is performed using high speed production presses capable of forming .062” to .375” copper bar stock or coil.
  3. Copper cold cutting, shearing or sawing is performed using cold saws to create prototypes and for high or low volume production runs.
Monti Inc. will help you value engineer your copper fabrication to shorten lead times while increasing the value of the component.
  1. Copper punching equipment creates various geometries of round, square and oblong holes from conveyor fed copper sheet or bar up to .500″ thick.
  2. Turret style copper punching operations on the perimeter of copper parts is used for producing parts with odd shapes, tabs, forms or fingers. Nesting allows maximum material utilization for thickness of the copper up to .250″ thick. Single stroke copper punching presses are an efficient means best suited for low volume production runs.
  3. Special fixturing can minimize the high cost of milling copper with machine tools to produce custom copper fabrications with tolerances as close as .001″.
  4. Copper water jet cutting uses high pressure water and abrasive materials focused into a stream to slice copper with a smooth cut, free of nibble marks and burrs. It is best suited for geometries that cannot be achieved with conventional punching, or if a higher level of finish is desired. Copper reacts negatively to forming stresses so water jet cutting allows for complex geometry, with minimal distortion, and tighter tolerances.

Monti Inc. is a copper busbar manufacturer and custom copper fabrication company that has the expertise to produce complex electrical insulation fabrications to the tightest tolerances and highest quality control. We’ll also help you value engineer your part to shorten lead times while increasing the value of the component.

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How does Monti Inc. form and fabricate copper?

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