Universal Robotics for Manufacturing Automation

At Monti Inc, we are continually striving to offer our customers the best in quality, lead time, and cost for their projects, which is why we are pleased to announce the implementation of universal robotics into our machine tending operation—an investment that we are sure will reap game-changing benefits for our existing and future customers. Universal Robotics in manufacturing are cost-effective while improving production capacity, lead times, and overall production efficiency and quality.

What Type of Robotic Technology Does Monti Inc. Have?

We have invested in the UR10e from Universal Robotics—a collaborative robot, which allows for fast setup, easy programming, and smoother integration into a shop atmosphere with human workers, as opposed to a traditional industrial robot which would require more difficult programming and longer set up time. Programming for our robotics is done on the floor by the operator. At Monti Inc, we have five internal employees trained to handle all of our programming needs. Our collaborative robots, or ‘cobots’ as they are sometimes called, are actually designed to share a workspace with humans, and truly acts as an extension of our team.

What Are Monti’s Robot Applications?

At Monti Inc, we use our collaborative robots to tend machining centers. This means they load and unload CNC machines on long-running jobs, with blanks to keep the machine spindle running 24/7.

What is the Return on Investment for Cobots in Manufacturing?

We invest in collaborative robots to help with ongoing labor restraints facing the manufacturing industry. Our UR10E robots give us flexibility, focusing on more repetitive tasks and allowing us to utilize our talented employees in other areas of production that involve more complexity. Robotic automation technology expands and optimizes our capacity by staying active on the production line during 2nd and 3rd shifts and weekends, where labor resources are usually thin and equipment generally sits idle, ready to be ran. And because our cobots don’t take sick or vacation time, there is less downtime, more consistency in production schedules, resulting in better lead times for our customers.

At Monti Inc, another reason to invest in universal robots is the competitive rate it allows us to provide our customers, as we are not paying out hourly wages and benefits. We can better compete on price with several lower cost manufacturers in other countries while cutting down transit lead times for US customers—and all without cutting into the wages and benefits of our talented human employees.

And finally, cobots reduce human error in repetitive tasks such as loading blanks into a fixture, producing a higher quality part every time.

Monti Inc. is People-Focused

As a family owned and operated business, Monti Inc. is relentlessly committed to our customers and our employees. With capacity, quality, and cost-saving benefits, we truly believe that investing in collaborative robots will help us deliver unprecedented productivity and quality to our customers, while providing a better work environment for our employees and allowing them to use their talents where they are needed most.

Monti Inc. is ready to execute your manufacturing project needs with the utmost care, precision, and speed. Call us today at (513) 761-7775 or easily request a quote online.

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Universal Robotics for Manufacturing Automation

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