Empowering Talent: Two New Graduates Join the Monti Team

Monti Incorporated is proud to announce that the first class of The Good Jobs Challenge initiative’s manufacturing boot camp graduates has joined the Monti team. With the conclusion of the Good Jobs Challenge manufacturing boot camp, two new graduates accepted positions to join Monti Incorporated and begin careers in the manufacturing industry.

The Good Jobs Challenge

Announced earlier in 2023 at Monti Incorporated’s Cincinnati plant, the Good Jobs Challenge provides opportunities for individuals to secure manufacturing jobs and enter the manufacturing industry. To participate in the Good Jobs Challenge, an interested individual must either be a recent high school graduate or be seeking an opportunity to reenter the workforce.

This program offers additional educational opportunities as well, for those who wish to pursue higher education and earn an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or certificate while gaining work experience in the manufacturing industry. 

Manufacturing Boot Camp

In collaboration with the Good Jobs Challenge, Cincinnati Works, and the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, Monti Incorporated hosted a manufacturing boot camp for five recent high school graduates. To participate, recent high school diploma recipients applied to the Good Jobs Challenge and were screened for the opportunity.

During the boot camp, participants explored the manufacturing process and demonstrated skills in critical thinking, math, and blueprint reading. These tests helped Monti identify potential candidates for the Monti Incorporated team who would thrive in a manufacturing environment.

Candidates will also undergo placement into an entry-level position suited to their strengths and participate in a workforce development training program to jumpstart their careers and explore specialties as they begin full-time employment at Monti. From there, manufacturing boot camp graduates can make up to $86,000 per year within their first two years while at Monti.

Signing Day Celebration

On June 16th, Monti Incorporated hosted a Signing Day Celebration, where the Monti team welcomed two new graduates from the Good Jobs Challenge. These graduates and their loved ones joined the Monti team to celebrate their hard work and formally begin their new careers. 

Monti Incorporated’s Commitment to Talent

At Monti Incorporated, our commitment to talent has no bounds. For over 50 years, Monti has invested in our team members and continued education and training. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that employees are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle complex challenges and drive the company’s success forward.

Through investment in our personnel, Monti Incorporated not only strengthens the organization and the products manufactured but also provides increased career opportunities for our team members. We take pride in our team’s loyalty and long-term tenure as they embody our core values and beliefs in long-term sustainability, responsiveness to customer needs, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Together, we can deliver the impossible every day. Discover new opportunities – explore Monti Incorporated’s employment opportunities

Empowering Talent: Two New Graduates Join the Monti Team

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