Monti Partners with The Good Jobs Challenge

The lieutenant governor of Ohio, Jon Husted, visited Monti Incorporated recently to announce the launch of the Good Jobs Challenge. Monti Incorporated is excited to announce its partnership with the Good Jobs Challenge to provide excellent career opportunities for individuals re-entering the workforce, as well as students who are interested in a career in manufacturing.

What is the Good Jobs Challenge?

The Good Jobs Challenge is a two-plus years initiative working with the Ohio Manufacturing Association to provide skilled positions in advanced manufacturing here in Cincinnati. Ohio manufacturing companies have the resources to invest in technology and opportunities for career advancement. They are looking for people who have the desire to take on a challenge, are reliable, and want a successful career with great pay.

The Good Jobs Challenge was created for both high school students starting their careers and for those individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce, providing  introductory training in advanced manufacturing. This program will expand the manufacturing talent pool, support the economic footprint through manufacturing, and transform the career paths of those who participate. Not only does manufacturing offer well-paying jobs and the ability to move in a career path, but it also gives educational opportunities to those who want to earn a certificate, associate, undergraduate, or master’s degree. Working in the manufacturing industry opens many doors for furthering education and careers.

Some of the manufacturers participating in the program will start to pay at $23/hour, with the potential to make $86,000/year in two years. 

AMIP in Cincinnati

The Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) is the Greater Cincinnati regional association of advanced manufacturing employers, educators, and community agencies working together to ensure a robust pipeline of qualified workers. 

As the southwest regional industry sector partner for the Ohio Manufacturing Association, AMIP works to alleviate occupational shortages in the industry by creating and implementing an integrated process to link current and prospective employees with educational opportunities to meet the needs for skilled talent across southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana. The combined partnership of AMIP and Good Jobs Challenge connects manufacturers like Monti to a pipeline of qualified workers to best serve manufacturers in the south west region.

Monti Works to Keep Manufacturing Jobs Alive

Manufacturing is a terrific opportunity because of well-paying jobs with the ability to move up in career paths. Monti will be providing skilled individuals with job opportunities here in Cincinnati with the Good Job Challenge. Newly hired individuals will go through a workforce development training program to set them up for success. Discover Monti’s employment opportunities.

Monti Partners with The Good Jobs Challenge

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