Epoxy & Plastisol Coating

Monti Inc. applies epoxy coating to bus bar and copper stabs to reduce the possibility of corona and electrical tracking. This process starts by removing any oxides from the copper surface, next, contact areas are masked off with high temperature tape, the copper is then heated in an oven and after reaching the correct temperature is repeatedly dipped in a fluidizing bath until the required thickness is achieved, the masking is then removed and the parts are put back in the oven until the epoxy has fully cured, after the part has cooled the contact areas are plated with either silver or tin. Although this is a labor intensive art the result is an extremely tough and rigid coating with excellent insulation characteristics. Our fluidizing baths allows us to coat bars up to a maximum length of 96” and a right angle offset of 48”. We have the dielectric test equipment to ensure that the work we do meets the specifications required by the customer.

What is Plastisol?

Plastisol is a tough vinyl coating with good insulation properties but at a lower operating temperature. Plastisol is suitable for lower voltage applications and is less costly than epoxy coatings.