Manufacturing Day Introduces Youth to Manufacturing Careers

Manufacturing Day CAD Demonstration for manufacturing careers

Monti Inc. Participates in Manufacturing Day to Introduce Youth to Manufacturing Careers

Monti Inc.’s commitment to moving the manufacturing industry forward is evident with their support of Manufacturing Day, an introduction for high school students to learn about different manufacturing careers.

Manufacturing day is the first Friday in October but continues throughout the month. The series of events help showcase modern manufacturing careers by encouraging companies and educational institutions to open their doors to students, teachers and community leaders.

Monti demonstrating remotely from a CAD station in their Manufacturing Day introduction to manufacturing careers

As students attended a virtual event with Monti Inc., they learned about the types of work, met current employees and discovered first-hand about Monti’s team atmosphere. In preparation of the tours, Monti Inc. produced a video overview that introduced team members and career paths to those in attendance.

Monti Inc. demonstrates brazing in their Manufacturing Day introduction to manufacturing careers

By sharing what it is like to work at Monti, students got a first-hand view into a career in manufacturing. “The culture at Monti is collaborative and exciting,” said Molly Fender, VP Human Resources. “When you walk the floor at Monti, you’ll see people working hard, having fun and solving problems.”

Monti’s Angela Bailey Leads the Way for Female Manufacturers

Angela Bailey Lathe Programmer for Monti

Angela educating high school students, possible future female manufacturers

According to the 2016 United States Census, only 29% of workers in the manufacturing industry are women. This percentage has stayed consistent over the years with only a 0.4% increase in female employees since 1970. Here at Monti, Angela Bailey is defying the odds.

Angela started at Monti in January 2008. Her previous work had given her experience with operating CNC machining, but she was not versed in their programming. When she joined the team, she engaged in training that taught her how to set up programs and successfully run the machines. Soon after, she began doing set-ups for the lathe department on the third shift. Angela was the first person to operate this department on the night shift and began practicing her leadership skills along the way when she trained multiple people on the position she just mastered herself.

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Investing in Educating Monti’s Leaders

monti manufacturing employee education

monti manufacturing employee educationMonti, Inc has always taken an intentional approach to employee development and training. Tuition Reimbursement has long been offered to employees but was underutilized due to the high upfront costs. Company leaders noticed this, and in an effort to increase participation, the Continuing Education Benefit was created. This program offers to pay for tuition costs up front for all leaders, both present and future, of Monti.

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