What Can Monti Inc.’s GPO-3 Fabricating Capabilities Do For You?

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We’ll also help you value engineer your GPO-3 part to shorten lead times while increasing the value of the component.

First, a little background on GPO-3:

GP0-3 is a UL recognized plastic insulation material that performs very well in many high voltage electrical insulating applications that require high strength, flame resistance, low smoke generation and moderate heat resistance. Its most common use is to support and electrically isolate power and electrical distribution equipment.

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GPO-3 applications include bus bar supports and mounting panels and high-voltage appliance insulators.

GPO-3 is composed of glass mat and/or glass roving fibers impregnated with polyester resins laminated under moderate pressure or pultruded through a die into angle, channel, I-beam, rod and tube configurations. Continue reading “What Can Monti Inc.’s GPO-3 Fabricating Capabilities Do For You?”