Monti’s Actions to Help Employees Affected by COVID-19

The health and well-being of Monti’s employees is a top priority as we continue business during the COVID-19 outbreak as an essential manufacturer and fabricator to the electrical distribution industry.

monti manufacturing safe workspace setup for covid 19

Here is what Monti is doing to support our people during this time:

  • Monti constantly monitors cleaning and sanitation protocols recommended by the CDC, OSHA, and our Local, State and Federal governments.
  • We are working around the clock in cooperation with our dedicated employees to divide our dayshift in our most populated facility into two shifts – three shifts in total – to minimize the number of people in our shop at once.
  • Realize that many of our frontline employees depend on overtime as part of their normal income and that a loss in overtime can greatly impact their personal financial situation. For employees that can keep working, we are offering short-term bonuses to those who help us keep our facilities and processes operational.
  • We understand the need and encourage those who are symptomatic or have a household member that is symptomatic to stay at home. If an employee or a family member is sick or an employee is facing childcare issues, we are committed to working with them to make sure their financial well-being is taken care of properly.
  • We have made accommodations for our high-risk employees as well as those whose roles can be handled remotely, arranging flexible work arrangements to allow them to stay home and remain healthy and productive.
  • Internal face-to-face meetings have been reduced and moved to a larger space to accommodate social distancing.
  • Company travel is heavily restricted.
  • Unscheduled visitors are not allowed.
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in all our facilities, especially those highly touched surfaces.
  • Implementing tools and procedures to allow our office employees to work from home when possible.